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Business Continuation

For many organisations power supply is one of the most critical single points of failure. Most processes require a clean and consistent power supply in order to remain operational.

Business continuity plans include an ever increasing reliance on secure power systems. Whilst the mean time between failure (MTBF) of uninterruptible power supplies continues to rise, more can be done at the design stage to increase their overall resilience and availability.

The commissioning of a secure power system may only require the pressing of a few keypad pushbuttons. However, the long-term resilience of the system requires a sound electrical engineering approach at the design, planning, installation and maintenance stages. Through this the overall reliability and MTBF of the entire power system can be increased to meet the requirements of the most stringent business continuity plans.

We will work with you to ensure that your power management systems are reliable and will work efficiently when required. They will sit in the background where you can forget about them and get on with your job.

Contact us now to discuss your generator needs to ensure a dependable power supply.