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Generator Maintenance & Repair Services

Generator maintenance & repair services from Appleby EngineeringA key aspect of Appleby Engineering success over the years is the attention that is paid to ensuring the sets we have installed are properly maintained and serviced. This commitment is reflected in our facilities, plant and stock that are kept on hand to ensure fast response times when a system has failed.

Servicing, maintenance and fault attendance in the upper north island (Whangarei to Tauranga) is carried out by our full time staff. Our servicing staff and key management personal are certified for entering a number of the High Security sites including those operated by the Department of Corrections.  Outside the upper North Island Appleby Engineering has a network of local agents and contractors to provide immediate support for projects and clients.

A recent innovation by our company is the implementation of key customer portfolio management at the field service level. This system dedicates a senior service engineer to manage the clients generator fleet. This is supported by a secondary service engineer that is also familiarised with all aspects of the machines. The result is improved communications for the client as technical enquiries are handled by a single contact point.

Appleby Engineering keeps an extensive supply of spare parts for the generator systems we have installed over the years. Additional to this, all the engines we use for New Zealand projects have local parts centres, with whom we have supply agreements.

An integral part of our national service and fault coverage is to involve the local service agent during installation to ensure that they are familiar with the site and equipment. When required additional training is provided for the local agent’s staff to ensure that the necessary level of support is achieved. This system is also supported by our staff based in Auckland. This can be in the form of telephone support or, where required, a staff member can be dispatched from key locations on short notice.

Generator maintenance & repair services from Appleby EngineeringA critical component of all generation systems is the fuel supply. For this reason Appleby Engineering have invested in mobil diesel refuelling systems, this includes a dedicated refuelling vehicle and a secondary portable rig that can be loaded onto the companies trucks. The goal of the refuelling service is to be on site within two hours of notification customer (external factors allowing).

To secure diesel supply during Auckland wide power outages Appleby engineering has organised diesel supply agreements with local service stations to ensure our customers’ needs can be meet.

The Auckland office provides a central 24 hour service to ensure that all faults, refuelling and service requests are recorded and dealt with correctly.

This critical system is backed up with a Mobil phone escalation tree should the main number fail or telecommunications lines become damaged.

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