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Generator Installation Services

Generator installation services from Appleby EngineeringThe fabrication and installation of the generator is the first true representation to the customer of Appleby Engineering and its suppliers. The impression gained from this activity will set the tone of the ongoing relationship and future opportunities.

For this reason Appleby Engineering has developed a strong manufacturing and installation division to ensure a quick response to a customer’s needs. The ability to manufacture most components for a generator installation reduces the risk to our company of subcontractor delays and quality control issues that can occur.

Our team consists of a core group of staff with many years of generator installation experience. Each member of the group supervises and controls general staff, independently manages the onsite installation and liaises with both the customer and the building construction company to ensure the installation progresses to plan.

The heart of the fabrication division is the well equipped facility in Auckland, this is supported by a specialist purchasing role (developed a number of years ago), to ensure that all material and critical equipment is ordered and supplied on time to prevent project delays.

Appleby Engineering also has in-house CAD facilities, project management and quality control systems.

Additional to the mechanical installation service that Appleby Engineering provides we also have the ability to complete the electrical component of the generator installation with in-house staff. From a simple load transfer arrangement to the installation of a complete new switchboard infrastructure in a major hospital Appleby Engineering can complete it all.

Generator installation services from Appleby EngineeringTo ensure completion of the project on time, Appleby Engineering has developed a strong project management system. This system seamlessly interfaces with clients and builders to ensure that all parties have accurate information to allow the correct resources to be allocated at project critical times.

The combination of resources, experience and robust systems ensures that the customer is kept informed during the installation and that the project runs smoothly. This results in a strong positive impression by the customer, ensuring an ongoing relationship and continued access to further projects.

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